Jenna and Eddie's amazing wedding celebration took place at our gorgeous SF City Hall and it was simply a magical event! The day started out super smooth and relaxed, setting the mood for the whole day! Ladies were having a blast while getting pampered with mani/pedies and guys got a special treat of cuban cigars to enjoy before the day's festivities began. On their way to the City Hall, the bridal party hopped on the iconic cable car while our bride and groom arrive in his and hers black and white RRs! The decor was beautiful displaying gorgeous combinations of reds and ivories through out all the details. A special touch was Jenna's collection of antiques - a rotary phone, gramophone, and a typewriter among others - Complete with warm speeches, AMAZING choreographed first dance and a champagne tower - the evening was full of Love, Laughter, and pure Joy! Congratulations Jenna and Eddie!!!!

Special thanks to Jesse Leake Photography for capturing these amazing photos:

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